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MC Capital ®™ is a creative financial institution that provides low interest rate private loans free of costs and hidden fees. If your cash flow is limited but your business and business plan can be verified by a reputable auditing firm, we can build a debit line for you and convert it to business credit in a private lending agreement.

We have access to cash funds in excess of 114 billion US Dollars provided by our shareholders and investors in the crude oil industry. This allows us to provide long term debit lines at an annual percentage rate of around 3% which is lower than what a normal bank would charge, without the hassle and restrictions and free of the extra costs and hidden fees.

If you do not qualify for a traditional bank loan, have done the required due diligence for your business and have sufficient collateral, then MCC Investment and Leasing Ltd. is your answer.

MCC Investment & Leasing Company is part of Medley Capital Corporation (MCC) , traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the financial sister company MCC Capital Holding SA Ltd. registered as FCA and FSP and on the stock market. MCC Investment and Leasing as well as MCC Capital Holding SA Ltd. are part of MCC Holding – Hong Kong Corp. Ltd. – A leading Petroleum & Financial Group.


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  • +41 22 548 10 61

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